Bikeability Leader Training

On Thursday 22nd June, Mrs Duncan undertook the Cycling Scotland one day Cycle Training Assistant (CTA) course which is aimed at instructors delivering the Bikeability Scotland Training Programme at National Standards 1 & 2. This is an intensive course which then allows instructors to deliver Bikeability courses to students of any age. Here at Raasay Primary this will open up the opportunity for children to undertake activities both in the playground and on the road which develop basic bike control, setting off, pedalling, stopping, using gears, balance and control. Pupils will learn how to safely share space with others who are walking and cycling whilst also being great fun and a learning experience for all age ranges. As pupils move on to level 2 they will learn and practise skills they need to make long journeys such as cycling to school or their local shop. This includes skills and manoeuvres including: learning where in the road to cycle, communicating with other road users, passing parked cars and left and right turns. The training is mostly aimed at children between the ages of 7 and 12 although in our small school setting, after discussion with the organising body, we are delighted to share that we hope to deliver aspects of the training with the younger children too within the playground. This is an opportunity for all children in Raasay Primary School to gain vital cycling skills whilst also having fun in the process. We hope to run some training sessions during school time in our P.E. block and also extend it to some after school sessions in the new session.

Pictured below is Mrs Duncan with the other instructors after completing their course successfully.


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