Fun Science

Report by Tabby Carslaw P6

On Tuesday 9th of January we had a fun science lesson on forces, pushing and pulling etc. We had different materials and objects such as a coke can, tennis ball, playdoh and a bag of sand. We then had to see if we could  push or pull to change their shape then we had to see if we could change them back to their original shape.

We then took some different objects and we had to write down what we thought would happen to them – would they change, not change or bounce back? To finish it off we recorded all of our results on our worksheets.

For our third experiment we found out how to make different objects slow down, speed up and change direction using forces such as push, pull and twist. For example our first object was a bicycle and to speed up you have to push on the pedals to slow down you have to pull the brakes and to change direction you have to twist the handle bars.

My favourite thing was finding out how different materials change shape.

The photographs below show us working on our experiments and also Rhona and I working on this report for the website.


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