Planetarium Visit

By Tabby Carslaw P6

On Tuesday 20th of March pupils and parents visited the mobile dome Planetarium which was set up at the hall. When we arrived they were still blowing up the dome but while the dome was blowing up we saw life size cut outs of Tim Peak and some information about space and space travel. Then we went inside and the dome appeared much bigger on the inside than the outside. There was a projector inside and first they showed us information about the moon and stars and then we learnt about different constellations and their names.

Secondly we were shown a video of two rockets landing on Earth and of robots on Mars.  These robots are going to drill into the surface of Mars to identify if there is a possibility of life. We learnt about some of the planets and their moons that might support life, for example Europa, one of Jupiter’s moons, which has an icy crust that holds water and therefore the possibility of life.

Even though I would not like to live on Mars or the Moon I still found everything really interesting and out of this world!


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