Poppy Day Scotland

As in previous years, pupils undertook a door to door collection for Poppy Scotland. The total raised this year was £200.56. The pupils are studying World War 1 this term and have written their own poems on the subject. Below is a poem by Tabitha in P7 who has written an extremely poignant and thought-provoking piece.


My Fight


There he lies, cold as ice,

Deafening bombs sound,

Taking the lives of his fellow troops,

Shells pierce their skin,

They cry out in pain.


‘BANG!’ I hear,

As I watch his lifeless body drop like a bowling ball,

Lonely, emotional is how we all feel,

“Could I be next?” I wonder,

“Is it my turn to say goodbye?”

“Only time will tell”, I cry!


The stench of death lingers,

All I hear is shots firing,

Hurting my ears,

My clothes riddled with fleas,

The taste of chocolate reminds me of home.


Wounds are scars upon our hearts,

Bombs hit us like lightening bolts,

Streams run red through the trenches,

Quickly I duck as a bullet skims my ear,

Soldiers don’t even blink,

I do my best not to shriek in pain.


Each day I pray I’m not next,

Soldiers write their wills,

Hoping their time won’t come soon,

Our watches ticking down the seconds,

Every tick feels like an hour.


I spot a poster reading,

‘Your Country Needs You’,

It reminds me why I am here,

Why I need to be here!


Families fighting fear,

Sons, husbands, brothers drop like flies,

Poppies are gravestones to many,

Their stories left untold.


“When will this tragedy end?”

“Days, Weeks, Years!”

Only time will tell …..


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2 Responses to Poppy Day Scotland

  1. Michael Cameron says:

    I just happened to stumble across Tabitha’s beautiful and moving poem while doing some research. I am both a veteran who has been at the ‘sharp end’ and an award winning copywriter — and I could not even begin to conceive of, let alone compose, anything so lovely. Please convey my respects to Tabitha. You have a creative genius on your hands. Warmest wishes: Michael Cameron (North Shields)


    • Dear Michael – thank you so much for your lovely comment. Tabitha did indeed excel in her writing this year and really embraced the poetry aspect of our WW1 work. I am delighted that you appreciated her work in this way. Kind regards Wilma Duncan, Head Teacher


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