Martin Luther King Day

The school held an Assembly on Martin Luther King Day where pupils discovered about the life of Martin Luther King. They were then challenged to create their own speech bubble reflecting what their dream would be for the world if they were a present day Martin Luther King. Pupils in P5-7 wrote the following:

Tabby P7 – “I have a dream to have world peace. For everyone to be able to get an education. For people in poorer countries to have a proper meal, a proper toilet, clean water, just the things I have without even thinking about it. To end world hunger. To end global warming. To end war. People are dying too young, they are starving and not getting what they need to survive.”

Nelly P6 – “I have a dream to have world peace. People are starving, they don’t have education, homes, toilets, fresh water.”

Thomas P5 -” I have a dream to stop the war in Syria because people have to leave their homes.”

Noah P5 – “I have a dream for people to have proper meals and wars to stop. People are dying in wars and starving.”

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