Coffee Day

It’s that time of year again! Our annual Coffee Day will be taking place on Saturday 2nd November. This is the one day of the year when we raise money for our school funds, the rest of the year we focus on raising money for charities, both local and national. This year the Pupil Council have identified that they would like to develop the outdoor play space at the back of the school with a view to creating a trim trail and adventure space. Our fundraising efforts will support this. This year, the pupils developed an Enterprise logo – ACORNS (All Children Of Raasay Nursery and School) to be used on the products they are creating for the sale. They researched ideas for developing a design, sent it to a stamp company and are now busy on the production line stamping their products before the big day. They have created some beautiful Egyptian themed Christmas cards, hand-made scented candles and beeswax wraps to sell on the day. We hope you will come along on the day to enjoy the delicious food at the Parent Council Cafe and all the usual stalls and prizes. There will also be some outdoor challenges including

archery, dumper challenge, golf and football challenge  – see you there, 11am to 3pm!

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