Forest Schools and Outdoor Learning

In our Forest School sessions the children have been working on their shelter-building skills.  They learnt how to tie a rope between two trees to make a taught ridge-line, using a hitch which could easily be undone, and made small shelters that would protect them from the prevailing wind and rain using a tarpaulin.  The children enjoyed using these to share their core reading books together.  We have established a Forest School seating circle where we can enjoy games and activities together, using logs which were kindly donated to the school.  The children have chosen their ‘favourite’ log, which we will decorate with their names in future sessions.

The children have thought carefully about what fruit and vegetables they would like to grow in their polycrub this year, so our next steps will be to prepare the soil ready for planting the seeds.  We will also be learning some more knotting skills for a variety of craft projects…so watch this space!

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