Our Carbon Clever Movie

On Monday 13th March, Seonaidh MacKenzie from BBC Alba, came to our school to help us with our submission to the Carbon Clever Earth Hour Challenge organised by Highland Council. The brief was to produce a short film (very short!) of 20 seconds which had to carry a strong Eco Message relating to sustainability and our responsibility to our planet. We decided to make our film based on our All Weather Gardening Project in order to share the message to a wider audience. We spent the day ‘on location’ in and around the school, at the shop and at the beach before returning to class to edit the shots. We were delighted that both the project and the film were featured on BBC Alba news last week and we have had great feedback from across the region. Our entry received a ‘Special Commendation’ and we were also awarded £100 from the Highland Council Climate Change Department. We have decided to re-invest the money by buying a solar powered water feature for our pond. This will keep the water oxygenated which will help plants and wildlife around the pond.

We hope you enjoy our short film which can be viewed on the link below. Also below is a link to the All Weather Gardening Project powerpoint which we update throughout the year.

Earth Hour Challenge

Final Report

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