Week of Work

Day One

Our ‘Week of Work’ got off to a fantastic start with workshops from BBC Alba and Raasay House. Pictured above are P4-7 pupils with Richard, chef at Raasay House learning about the skills required to be a chef. Richard emphasised the importance of health and safety in the workplace and had also very kindly prepared some cup cake and burger making activities. In their evaluation of the session, pupils identified lots of skills required in the job of chef including maths, communication, creativity, leadership and physical stamina to name but a few!

P4-7 and Nursery to P3 pupils also had the opportunity to learn about reception duties which focussed very much on customer care and setting up the dining room for formal evening meals with Chloe.

Nursery to P3 pupils learnt about the job of Housekeeper with Ann – it was hard work sorting and washing all the laundry and then making up the rooms with everything having to be just perfect. We think they did a good job!


Day One for the P1-3 finished with a workshop in the Walled Garden. Graeme and Kate had very kindly set up lots of activities and skills identification activities. What a perfect day to be in the garden!

Our final session for P4-7 was with Zeemon, learning about the skills of being an instructor. Zeemon took us through the health and safety procedures which are paramount when undertaking such activities and it was clear, once again that there were a lot of skills involved in the job.

We also enjoyed a fabulous lunch at Raasay House – with the burgers and cakes made earlier by P4-7 – yum! Mr Bruce, QIO, had to rush for the ferry but enjoyed his take away none the less!

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