Week of Work Day Two


Pupils had the opportunity to learn about the work of the paramedic with a visit from the Scottish Ambulance Service. They learnt the skills of CPR, recovery position, defibrillator and how to lift a patient safely supporting the head, body and feet.

We also welcomed Sam Crowe, Personal Trainer, who very kindly gave of her time to come and tell the pupils all about her job and demonstrate some of the skills required. Sam shared a typical day from her week with a powerpoint presentation which was then followed by some outdoor physical fitness activities which included boxing, running with weights and balance boarding and slalom.

Mr Duncan McLardie, Manager Scottish Co-op Portree presented a workshop to the pupils which included pricing, product placement, shop layout, stock control and customer service.

Pupils then had a yoga workshop with Tekela. This covered some basic yoga moves as well as the skills involved in being a yoga instructor. We hope to have a short video clip to share with you and we will upload as soon as possible.

We also had a visit from Suzie McAllister, Dental Nurse who took the pupils through the skills involved in her job. This involved keeping our teeth and gums healthy, how to check teeth and gums and the hygiene aspects of health and safety. They also got to experience using the discolouring tablets which would show up areas which haven’t been brushed properly. Pupils also had the opportunity to find out about all the various equipment used in the process.

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