Week of Work Day Four

We were again very lucky with the weather as today was very much an ‘outdoor’ day. Norman Gillies, Civil Engineer and Colorado Builders were presenting workshops on Roofing, Engineering and bricklaying while Hector Nicolson from Sconser took a workshop on dry stone wall building.

Pictured below are the pupils with Hector building a small dry stone seat around the base of our flagpole. Pupils learnt about the different kinds of stones required and their properties – there were foundation stones, packing stones and heart stones and all had to be carefully selected. Hector hopes to come back to help us to finish off the seating area.

Pupils had the opportunity to learn about roofing from Colorado Builders – laying the membrane onto the sarking and then the cutting of slates, making a hole for the nails and the fixing of the slates.

Norman Gillies, Civil Engineer, gave the pupils the opportunity to learn what his job entails. There was a lot of maths! – angles, measuring, scale – pupils made a plan of the shelter, the shed and the school.

There was also a workshop on bricklaying by Colorado Builders. Pupils had the opportunity to see what skills were involved in laying bricks, measuring the wall to be made, making sure the levels were correct and checking the final result.

Thank you once again to all our contributors – your time and efforts to make this project a success are very much appreciated.

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