Week of Work Day Three

We had a visit from Mairi Stewart, UHI who presented a workshop on coding using tablets and laptops. The children were able to see the techniques involved in basic coding and making computer games.

Mr Olli Blair presented a workshop on architecture sharing examples of interesting buildings – the children had to identify specific design features and this was followed by an opportunity to design a building for a fellow pupil.


In the afternoon pupils went to ‘The Silver Grasshopper’ to learn from Fiona what skills she had to have in setting up her own business and jewellery making. The children had the opportunity to make some earrings using some of the tools Fiona has in her workshop.


Ann and Donnie Oliphant very kindly hosted a workshop on their croft where pupils learnt about the production of Dexter beef from croft to kitchen. They learnt about the tagging system and the importance of a paper trail for animal traceability.

Thank you to all our contributors who have volunteered of their time to make this project happen.




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