K’nex Workshops

On Wednesday 25th April, we had a visit from Ann Larkham who comes each year to do K’Nex workshops with the pupils. For pupils in P4-6 the workshop was ‘Programmable Robots’ – see the report below by Nelly Blair P5.

Building and Programming our own Robots!

During school time on Wednesday the 25th of April 2018 P4-6 went down to Raasay Community Hall and joined Ann Larkham for a k’nex workshop. We went to the hall and we got into teams and were given a box. We had to build our P bots ourselves and then we all had to get through the course that we were given. Noah and I struggled to get through the course because it was hard to programme it. Eventually I managed to get a token, then after a long time of working with Noah he got a token too. After that we had a harder challenge – it was one where you had to get two flags out of the parking spaces and it was all twists and turns as well. I like the person who does it because she is really kind and helpful, for example if my team was stuck I would just have to say ‘Ann we are stuck’ and then she would just come and pull us out of the mud! (she would just come and help us.)  All in all I enjoyed it because I always enjoy it .

By Nelly Blair P5

Pupils in P1&2 were challenged to create their own ‘Space Bots’ – these were to be their own version of the ‘Mars Rover’ and they were given certain features that would have to be included. As you can see, they came up with some amazing creations and had great fun doing it! Here is what they had to say about the workshop:

Calum P1 “I liked doing the driving. You had to not hit the aliens but you had to hit the cones to get points. My robot was called Beebot”.

Tamsin P1: “You had to do three things – 1. Draw your robot 2. Make your robot 3. Drive your robot. I liked building aliens – you had to hit as many skittles as you could but not aliens”.

Hamish P2: “The robot was to be like the ‘Mars Rover’ – the first ever thing to land on Mars. It had to have all the bits such as six wheels and eyes instead of cameras. The bit I liked best was doing the obstacle course”.

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