Fair Trade

As part of Global Citizenship and RME, the pupils have been studying Fair Trade and how we can help Farmers in other countries by purchasing Fair Trade goods – which tasted lovely as we had a taste of them! Please see the report below by Tabitha Carslaw P6.

Fairtrade visit to the shop

Fairtrade is giving the men and women who actually plant, take care and pick the agricultural produce (cocoa beans, flowers, fruit, vegetables,) the money they deserve.

On Tuesday 24th of April Raasay Primary School went to Raasay Community Stores to find Fairtrade products and listed them down. We found Green and Black’s Organic chocolate, Essential Organic Hazelnut spread, Golden Caser suger, Mars Maltesers, Traidcraft Fruit and oat chewy cookies, Green and Black’s hot chocolate, Tropical wholefoods organic apricot and raisin bar and Traidcraft’s geo bar.

Geobar is right at the heart of Fairtrade, bringing opportunity and hope to growers around the world. Geobar pack a global mix of Fairtrade ingredients into every bar. Delicious, natural, and wholesome ingredients sourced from their travels.

Since we went to the shop to find Fairtrade things we bought TraidCraft fruit and oat chewy cookies, two of Tropical Wholefoods apricot and raisin bars and Green and Black’s organic milk chocolate.

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