Celebration Assembly

For the first time in three years, pupils and staff at Raasay Primary were delighted to be able to welcome parents into the school for our end of term Celebration Assembly. Joining us as our special guests for the day were Anne Martin who has been working with the children this year on the Treoir Project; and Eddie Seaman, Chanter tutor. Eddie very kindly piped the children in – to the tune of Scotland the Brave. During the assembly pupils were presented with various certificates, trophies and reading books and their hard work and successes throughout the year were shared and celebrated. Pupils performed their Gaelic poems from the Mod, songs from the Scottish Opera event and played ‘Lovely Stornoway’ on the Chanter. A highlight from the day was Anne Martin and the pupils performing the beautiful Gaelic song which they had composed as part of the Treoir project. This song is now part of Anne’s repertoire and she hopes to perform it one day in Raasay at a wider community event. Our school leaver and nursery pupil were both ‘graduating’ in different ways and this was recognised with a ‘Mortar Board’ and Graduation scroll. Our P7 pupil was also presented with a beautiful cake which was specially made and personalised for him. Annabelle, our cook, also made traditional Breton Cake and Breton Madeleines – recipes which were given to us by our Breton visitors who were here earlier in the term.We wish our P7 pupil all the best as he moves on to High School in August and we look forward to hearing how he is getting on. Happy Holidays to everyone from all in Raasay Primary School. We hope you have a lovely summer.

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