Police Station Visit

Police Station Visit

On Tuesday 24th October, P1-6 pupils attended Portree Police Station where PC Catherine Tindall met the children of Raasay and Struan Primary Schools. She had arranged a mock up crime scene which involved the pupils developing skills in evidence collecting, identifying clues, problem solving and developing the strategies of problem solving. She had organised that the process from crime to conviction would be demonstrated. The ‘accused’ was Marion Mac who was charged with the supply of Haribo contrary to section 4(3) in the Misuse of Haribo Act 2017! The pupils then had the opportunity to ‘search’ for clues and gather evidence and they found bags of Haribo and fifty pence pieces in her possession which led them to believe that she was involved in selling Haribo. Marion was detained in custody whilst the police and the young ‘officers’ raided her home where they found conclusive evidence that she was indeed the perpetrator of the crime.

The case went to the Portree Sherriff Court where Marion Mac stood in the dock whilst David Morton, Procurator Fiscal, examined the evidence from the Police and questioned PC Catherine Tindall who gave evidence on the day. The case was put to Sherriff MacDonald and

At the end of proceedings she asked the young jurors from Raasay and Struan Primary to individually give the court their verdict. The jury was split in their decision with six coming back with a verdict of guilty and five of not guilty. Mrs Mac was then sentenced to 10 years community service with the warning that any further criminal action would result in a prison sentence. The court was adjourned at 1.45pm.

All the pupils were invited back to meet the Sherriff in her court chambers who congratulated them all on their verdict. Pupils got a chance to wear her wig and some were surprised at how heavy and scratchy it was! As court rules do not allow photographs for security purposes we don’t have pictures inside the court house but the ones below will give you a flavour of the day.

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