This term Raasay Primary School pupils have had the opportunity to undertake weaving workshops with Lilian MacLeod. This is a fantastic opportunity for our pupils to learn the skills involved in weaving as well as some of the weaving terms used in the industry. To date they have undertaken three workshops during our’ Creative Friday’ afternoon sessions and from the pictures you can see the commitment and concentration shown by all the pupils involved. As they develop their skills it is hoped that the children will try out different looms for different purposes. We will keep you updated on our progress through the monthly newsletters. We are grateful to Lilian for giving of her own time to share her knowledge and skills and we look forward to continuing to work together over the coming months.

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2 Responses to Weaving

  1. Rona Cooper says:

    What is happening at your school looks awesome. I especially liked all the activities the students get involved with. As a teacher in NZ the programmes look very similar . Rona Cooper


    • Hi Rona
      Thank you for your comments – we’re delighted that you are enjoying our website and it is great to have such positive feedback from so far away. If your school has a website, perhaps you could let us know and our pupils could see what happens in schools in New Zealand.


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